Humane Society Announces New Humane Officer K. Winwood


The Humane Society of Ventura County is proud to introduce Humane Officer Kendra Winwood(R). Winwood was officially sworn in on July 28, 2016 by Judge Henry Walsh at the Ventura County CourthouseA ceremony was later held at the shelter in Ojai where Officer Winwood’s badge was presented to her by Director of Investigations Robert J. Hoffman and Senior Humane Officer T. Vail. Her family and friends,  along with several Board members and staff of the HSVC, were present to celebrate her achievements. Shelter Director, Jolene Hoffman, spoke to the crowd about the importance of supporting our Officers who perform a difficult job every day, not only for rescuing abused and neglected animals, but the continuing education their jobs require.

To become a Humane Officer, hundreds of hours of training are required as well as an extensive background check performed by an outside investigations agency. Trainees must attend a Humane Officer Training Academy for 80 hours followed by an additional 40 hours of advanced officer training. Officers must complete the 832 P.C. arrest, search, and seizure training course. Continued education is required in livestock, circus, and animal fighting courses- all while receiving on the job training before and after being badged.

Winwood has worked for the HSVC for two years and has continuously exhibited the outstanding qualities necessary to become a Humane Officer. Last November, Winwood graduated from the Animal Law Enforcement Academy at the San Diego Humane Society. Now that Officer Winwood has received her badge, she will be working with Senior Officer T. Vail for the next six months for field training. After this period, she can investigate cases of animal abuse on her own. Besides enforcing California’s anti-cruelty and anti-neglect laws, Officers serve their community by educating the public about responsible pet ownership and assist those who may not have the resources to properly take care of an animal. We are so fortunate here in Ventura County to have another compassionate and brave citizen on the job out there protecting animals from neglect and abuse.

A very special thank you to Greg A. Cooper for the beautiful photographs of the event at the shelter.


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  • Patricia Poole
    commented 2016-08-06 03:57:51 -0700
    Kendra Wonswood, Congradulatios on your new position which will be a tough job. There are many of us rescue people out there who are happy for you and your shelter which seems to be doing a great job. Keep your chin up and your courage and strength be with you and the people that you work with.
  • Jolene Hoffman
    commented 2016-08-02 17:51:12 -0700
    Officer Winwood we are so proud of you. You will make a great addition to our investigations team and to the animals of Ventura County that you will serve and protect.