Humane Officers Rescue Neglected Bulldogs


On June 27th, two Bulldogs were seized in the field by the Humane Society of Ventura County after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen. The two Bulldogs were taken directly to see a veterinarian-both had severe cases of myasis, more commonly known as fly strike, on their ears and heads.

Myasis is common in dogs who spend their lives outdoors, most commonly in hot weather climates. The insects bite and feed from the blood on the dog’s ears causing painful, red and bleeding sores-the bite wounds attract flies that lay their eggs in the damaged tissue, these eggs later hatch into maggots.

Treatment includes the removal of these insects and their larvae, followed by a deep flushing and cleansing of the wound with a liquid antibiotic. Both dogs will continue on an antibiotic treatment and have already started to heal nicely. We expect both dogs to have a full recovery both physically and emotionally. In the 10 days since they arrived they have adjusted nicely, responding favorably to the love and gentle care of our staff.

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