Humane Society of Ventura County’s Board of Directors surprised the Humane Officers and staff with an early holiday gift that will help the animals throughout the County. They announced today the addition of a new, specially-equipped Investigations Vehicle. The vehicle, a Chevrolet Cargo Van, was purchased from Paradise Chevrolet in Ventura.

The van was converted for investigations of animals that have been neglected and abused. Ojai resident Bill Brothers, owner of Humane Services International, specializes in converting all types of vehicles for use by animal welfare agencies to benefit their animal protection work. HSI has been up-fitting vehicles for animal care and control agencies for over twenty-five years.

Our new vehicle will be used by Humane Officers in their work to investigate possible cases of cruelty as well as the rescue of animals during disasters. It is designed to provide maximum safety and comfort by providing individual housing units for safety and to reduce disease transmission. The entire van is completely climate-controlled with individual air ducts into each cage. It also features emergency safety lighting as well as “scene lights” for night rescues.

Director of Investigations, Jeff Hoffman, realized the Humane Society’s aging fleet needed to be upgraded and the Board of Directors agreed. Hoffman contacted Scott Luttenberger, Ojai resident and fleet manager at Paradise Chevrolet, who has adopted from the Humane Society, and offered to provide very favorable pricing for the vehicle.

Hoffman and the Board wanted a new look to their vehicles to best represent the Society. They turned to Heather Balaam, who worked at the HSVC for many years, who now specializes in graphic design.

Jolene Hoffman, longtime Shelter Director of the Humane Society was thrilled by the new, upgraded vehicle. “We’re really excited about what this vehicle will do for our investigations division and the animals our officers protect. It’s a huge step forward for us.”

Jeff Hoffman stressed that having the right equipment can reduce costs to the Humane Society as well as provide a more humane experience for the animals. “For example,  the new vehicle can be completely disinfected quickly and easily after potentially sick animals are transported.”

Funds for this vehicle have been raised in part with our vehicle donation program. Jeff Kroll has been instrumental in helping the Humane Society for approximately 10 years with donations of cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and motorcycles. If you would like to donate a vehicle please call Jeff Kroll at 805 640-8128 or 890-1486. Or visit our website at

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