Humane Education Programs Teach Compassion in Schools


Here at the Humane Society of Ventura County we work every day to help animals in need. Besides our shelter and adoption center we believe that Humane Education is key to easing the strife that animals suffer right here in our own backyards.

Humane Education became one of our main priorities se in our inception in 1932. We have visited thousands of school classrooms, children and youth organizations, service clubs and various functions promoting the protection of and kindness to all living beings and our environment-all FREE of charge to our community. We believe that children are never too young to learn respect for all life. 

Animal neglect and abuse is still a regular occurrence and Humane Education programs are vital to not only the health and welfare of our animal companions but ourselves as a society. Humane Education is more important then ever to teach the coming generations empathy and compassion for all living creatures. It is at the core of creating a stable and peaceful society, free from the fear of violence and abusive behavior. Humane Education teaches not only compassion but a personal responsibility for all living creatures.

Our outreach encompasses all of Ventura County, visiting preschools, day cares, schools, adult and senior programs, service groups, community organizations and events, churches, and anyone who will have us! We address the needs of animals, as well as people and communities, with topics on health, safety, disaster preparedness, overpopulation, animal rights, neglect, abuse, shelter services, pet care, and responsibility.

If you are interested in learning more about our Humane Education programs or to schedule a presentation please contact Dawn Reily at [email protected].

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