Humane Education is a free service from the Humane Society of Ventura County that teaches compassion, empathy, respect and kindness for all living things. Our programs use the irresistible draw of live animals to captivate and tap into the minds and hearts of our audience.

Our outreach encompasses all of Ventura County, visiting preschools, day cares, schools, adult and senior programs, service groups, community organizations and events, churches, and anyone who will have us! We address the needs of animals, as well as people and communities, with topics on health and safety, disaster preparedness, overpopulation, animal rights, neglect, abuse and cruelty, the function and services of shelters, and pet care and responsibility.

We have designed our programs to fulfill our mission of caring for animals with reaching the academic goals of our schools. Separate presentations may include pet care and responsibility, the difference between domesticated and wild animals, kindness, safety, overpopulation, neglect, abuse and cruelty or the role of shelters in our society. In addition, middle and high school programs may include animal rights, evolution of the dog through natural and artificial selection, careers with animals, or forming a Humane Society Club.

All programs are free of charge and are tailored to varying ages, learning levels and class sizes. They are about 45 minutes long and include follow-up lesson plans, visual aids and interaction with live animals. 

Please contact Dawn Reily at [email protected] for information and to schedule a program.

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