HSVC Cares


The Humane Society of Ventura County’s HSVC Cares program increases outreach efforts by supplying pet food and low-cost pet vaccinations to communities in need. The program currently includes Pantry 4 Paws remote pet food bank dispensers and low-cost vaccination clinics held periodically in communities throughout Ventura County.

Pantry 4 Paws offers pet food banks in remote locations, with distribution facilities across Ventura County. The program aims to feed the dogs and cats of homeless and underserved communities across the county.

The remote vaccination events also aim to serve homeless and underserved communities by bringing preventative pet care services and educational outreach to those most in need.

Vaccines offered at the events are all priced at $5 each. Rabies Vx, FVRCP (cats only), DHPP (dogs only), deworming and topical flea preventatives will all be available for your cats or dogs. Spanish speaking staff and volunteers will be on hand for translation services. Se habla español.

Vaccinating your pet is the best way to keep them safe from serious and potentially fatal diseases such as rabies, distemper, parvo virus, and feline panleukopenia. Vaccinating your pets protects them from diseases that can be very expensive and difficult to treat.

 “We are very excited to push our services further into the county,” said HSVC shelter director Jolene Hoffman, adding, “Our long-term goal is to provide most of our services to everyone in need regardless of where they live.”


Those who would like to support the HSVC Cares program financially are encouraged to donate through hsvc.org/donate website or can also drop off unopened bags of dry dog or cat food at the Ojai shelter, at 402 Bryant St. The HSVC Amazon Wish List has been updated to include examples of requested food.

All animals MUST be on a leash or in a carrier. For additional information for upcoming events, please call the HSVC at 805-646-6505. 

Cash only. Financial assistance available on a case by case basis.

*Always discuss your pet’s health and particular medical needs with your veterinarian.


Shelter & Adoption Location:
402 Bryant Street in Ojai