Celebrate National Horse Protection Day!


Today we celebrate National Horse Protection Day! Each year, March 1st is recognized as a day to highlight the plight of horses in the US and to help raise awareness for adoptable horses in shelters. The HSVC has a long history of protecting, rehabilitating, and finding forever homes for the horses that come into our care. We also serve as an evacuation center for equines that have been displaced from their homes due to natural disasters. This National Horse Protection Day, we want to share the stories of Tucker and Tundra, two horses currently residing at the shelter as a result of an abuse and neglect case. 


In November 2022, our Humane Officers received a complaint of two emaciated horses with severely overgrown hooves at a location in unincorporated Ventura County. Officer King responded and discovered a chestnut gelding and a gray gelding on the property. She estimated both horses to be a two out of nine on the Henneke Body Condition Scoring System (BCS).

After speaking with the animal owners, it became acutely apparent they did not know the amount of care that goes into owning horses. Officer King haltered both horses individually and demonstrated what issues she saw with each horse. She had each owner run their hands from nose to tail of each horse and explained that they should not easily be palpitated. She also demonstrated how to use a weight tape, explained hoof care, and why horses need to have their hooves trimmed every 6-8 weeks.

After her demonstrations, the animal owners were told to provide veterinary and farrier care by licensed and certified professionals within 48 hours. However, the shelter received another call regarding the same two horses at the end of December claiming the conditions of each horse had not changed. Officer King returned to the property and the two geldings were impounded that day. The animal owner then decided it was in the horses' best interest to be formally surrendered to the shelter in early January.


We are happy to share that Tucker (above, left) and Tundra's (above, right) conditions have vastly improved since they arrived at the shelter. They are on a consistent feeding schedule and regularly receive hoof trimmings and vet visits. They are not yet available for adoption, but we are hoping they will be soon! Thank you to everyone involved in helping Tundra and Tucker along their journey to recovery!

You can help us continue making a difference in the lives of animals like Tucker and Tundra. Donate now to help us provide food, medical care, and more to equines in need. Thank you for your support!


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