DIY Hacks To Keep Your Dog Safe When Home Alone 


DIY Hacks To Keep Your Dog Safe When Home Alone 

With the average American working 44 hours per week, it’s inevitable that there will be periods when your beloved pet dog is left in your Ventura home on his own. However, when a dog is home alone, you can never really be sure what he’s up to. So, taking steps to keep your pooch safe is essential. And, by utilizing these DIY hacks in your property you won’t have to worry about your pooch’s wellbeing ever again.


Protect little legs with doggy steps 

Some of the nation's most popular breeds of dogs are also some of the smallest. Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, Pugs, and Chihuahuas all feature in America’s top 40. Whereas, here in California, minuscule Malteses are the most popular breed, according to But, these little dogs’ legs can easily get injured when jumping off furniture and bouncing around your home. So, to ensure your pooch's tiny legs are safe when you're absent, make and install a set of steps or a ramp to your dog's favorite spots, including your bed and the couch.

Behind closed doors 

Assistance dogs are trained to open doors so that they can assist their owners in their own homes. But, what if your pooch has just got the door opening instinct embedded into him? It means that when you go out you can never be truly sure that he's away from electrical wires, indoor houseplants, and even the fruit bowl. Therefore, taking action to prevent your dog from getting injured inside your property’s four walls is a must. By simply changing the lever door handles in your home to doorknobs, you'll combat the door opening issue. Alternatively, you can fit the levers upside down to dog-proof your home.

Trash safety

There will be all sorts of enticing smells for your dog in your trash bin. However, gnawing on tin cans, bones, and rotten food scraps can lead to serious gastrointestinal issues. To avoid a hefty vet bill, keep all your trash cans in custom built cupboards around your home. And, for extra security, place child locks on the cupboards, as there are plenty of hounds who will teach themselves to open a cupboard door if the temptation is strong enough.

Dog versus litter box

It’s estimated that 86 million cats and 78 million dogs are kept as pets by Americans. So, the chance of your Ventura household having one of each is high. Dogs have a tendency to eat cat litter and cat poop simply because they adore the smell. Not only does this cause bad breath, but it also exposes them to harmful bacteria and parasites. It’s, therefore, advisable to stop your dog from accessing the litter box by building a wooden barrier around it and encouraging your cat to jump over it to access the box. Alternatively, move your kitty’s litter tray to the utility room and install a chain on the door. This will ensure your cat can go to the bathroom as and when required but will keep larger breeds of dog out.

While most owners would rather not leave their dog home alone, there will always be times when it has to happen. But, by using these DIY tips and tricks, you can be sure that your hound is as safe and happy as can be.

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