Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season!


The holidays are filled with festivities, family, food and, of course, our beloved furry friends. During this magical and occasionally hectic time, it’s important to watch out for hazards that could harm your pet.

Topping the list - those dazzling decorations.  Tinsel looks great on the tree and will easily catch your cat’s eye.  If ingested, by any animal, tinsel can become entangled in the intestines, sending you straight to the emergency room. If it’s not caught in time, it could be fatal. Same goes for icicles, netting, garland, curtain, rope and candle varietal.

Ornaments also may attract your pet, tempting them to chew, swallow or choke, so place items made of glass, aluminum, paper or anything sharp or easily broken high and out of reach.

Sure, Spot and Fluffy look adorable wearing a ribbon or bow, but these accessories pose the same dangers.  All pets are so darn cute anyway; why not let them go to the party au naturel?

Once you’ve torn through all that wrapping and the piles of gifts, be sure to clean up right away.

Of course, one of the best things about the holidays is those tasty treats. But many goodies are toxic and even deadly for pets. For dogs, chocolate could cause vomiting, diarrhea, heart arrhythmias, tremors and seizures. Bones may seem like a tradition, but could easily splinter causing an obstruction or lacerations in the digestive track.

Nuts, including those in cookies and candies, can lead to seizures or neurological trouble. Some candies contain Xylitol, which is extremely dangerous for dogs.  It’s also found in toothpastes, mouthwash, sugarless gum, cough medicines and chewable multi-vitamins. Keep these items away from your pup.

If your furry baby is a champion beggar, warn guests not to share table scraps. Harmful menu items include fat trimmings, dairy, mushrooms, onions, garlic, raw meat or eggs, nutmeg, alcohol, caffeine or fruit.  Grapes and raisins can lead to kidney failure. While the pits in peaches and plums contain cyanide, which is poisonous to both humans and dogs. Rhubarb also is dangerous and is found in pies, jams, jellies, sauces and juices. Also off-limits is yeast or unbaked dough.

If the kids are fashioning a winter wonderland with Play-Doh, be sure Fido doesn’t get into it, since eating it could lead to salt toxicity.

Ah, those beautiful displays of light create such peace and joy.  But electrical cords pose danger. Biting into one could cause shock or prove fatal.  Turn them off and unplug them when you are not home. And, make sure those candles won’t be knocked over by a pet on the prowl, as they could easily be burned or start a fire.

Plants and flowers always add cheer, but a single leaf from any lily variety is lethal to cats. Others to avoid include Poinsettias, Holly, Christmas tree pine needles and Mistletoe.  I bet your pooch will smooch without it!

While it may seem like a lot, it only takes a little awareness and precaution for you and your pets to enjoy a healthy and happy holiday.


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