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Five bucks can make all the difference for an animal in need. Before you start your weekend, won't you please consider making a small donation in honor of senior animals? It's easy, just click here!

One of the most fulfilling things about being involved in animal rescue is the bonds we create with the animals in our care. Besides the satisfaction gained from helping those less fortunate, working with dogs inspire us to be better people. A dog's personality and behavior can be just as infectious as other humans, and there is nothing like a smile on a dog's face to melt your heart. Such is the case with eight year old Bella who was brought to the Humane Society of Ventura County after being pulled from a overcrowded shelter in a nearby county. This beautiful German Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog mix settled into the shelter with grace and ease and a beautiful smile on her face, inspiring us to kick off Adopt-a-Senior Pet month a few days early. 

At any one time, nearly one third of the animals available at the shelter are considered seniors. There are many reasons to adopt a senior animal, besides saving a life, senior animals are often housebroken and have mastered many social behaviors. Here at the shelter we believe that age is only a number and senior dogs like Bella will stay in our care until we find a permanent home, foster, or hospice situation. Many people wrongly assume that senior animals in shelters are there because they are inferior in some way or that they will be adopting someone else's problem. Senior dogs like Bella are here to set the record straight! In honor of Adopt-A-SeniorPet month, please consider making a small donation to help senior animals until their forever family comes along. Every penny counts!

CLICK HERE to make a one time donation in honor of Adopt-a-Senior Pet month!

The Humane Society of Ventura County is a compassionate care shelter and non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and adoption of homeless animals throughout Ventura County. By donating to the HSVC, you'll be part of a community of people who are making a positive impact on the lives of animals in need in Ventura County. 

Have a purrfect weekend and thanks for your support!


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