Harden the Big Brother

Hannah and Gabe may be expecting a new baby soon, but they will never forget the day they adopted their “first born child” Harden!

In March of 2019, Hannah and Gabe were looking to bring a new fur baby into their home after losing their dog Hank eight years prior. They met Harden, formerly Chili, while visiting the HSVC in Ojai and instantly fell in love with the 2-month-old puppy. “The adoption process and background check was very thorough which made me feel REALLY good about the homes each animal goes to,” said Hannah after filling out an application for Harden.

True to new parent traditions, Hannah and Gabe redid their entire yard in preparation for their new fur baby. They finally brought the sweet pup home on March 31st and it has been nonstop joy ever since. “He is the sweetest dog and he is considered a member of the family. He makes all of us feel safe and is such a grounding force of love in our life,” Hannah continued, “Having Harden around has brought new life into our home. I wish he could live forever because I can’t imagine life without him.”

As Hannah’s due date nears, the couple is getting Harden ready for his new role as a big brother. “With the new baby on the way, we have been preparing him by saying, ‘You’re gonna be a big brother soon Harden!’” said Hannah.

Hannah has also been painting pet portraits since 2015 and now owns a successful pet portrait business called Painted Paws. After her experience adopting Harden from the HSVC, Hannah began donating 10% of the proceeds from Painted Pawz to local animal rights groups and shelters. We are grateful to Hannah for contributing to our success and helping us care and protect animals in need.

Thank you to Gabe and Hannah for choosing to rescue this sweet boy. We wish Hannah, Gabe, Harden, and their new edition a long and happy life together!


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