Happy Tails Gizmo!


On April 7th, Humane Officers responded to a call about a young dog in need. Two month old Gizmo was found in extremely poor living conditions and was brought back to the Humane Society of Ventura County for safekeeping. 

Gizmo, an English Springer Spaniel mix, was very frightened when he arrived. It was difficult to see such a young dog so unsure of human contact. With patience and love, Gizmo soon settled in and started to be the playful pup he longed to be. We knew once he became available to a loving home Gizmo would be adopted fast and this past weekend he went home with Kathy, Tony, and Sean!

Every day our Humane Officers receive calls from concerned citizens about animals in our community who need help. Often times these calls lead to exposing serious acts of animal neglect and abuse while other times it is bringing attention to an innocent animal who fell through the cracks. Thank you to the kind person who was concerned for Gizmo's safety and called in the case, and to our Humane Officers for their dedication to protecting animals in need!

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