Happy Tails Freddy!


Sometimes at the shelter we have animals who it seems are just here forever. It can be especially difficult for new volunteers or staff when you fall in love with a sweet dog or cat who is just continuously overlooked. You feature them in your media outlets, take them to events, you do everything to bring extra attention to all their charms. Though many folks are interested, they watch all their little fur friends finding their forever homes while they patiently wait.

Until....That one special person walks through your doors, goes down to the kennels, and it's love at first. That's what happened with our sweet Freddy who had been here since the beginning of May. We are so happy for this little guy, and can breathe a sigh of relief to know he is going to such a wonderful home. Sometimes we just have to be patient, and in the meantime, while these sweet creatures wait for their forever homes, show them as much love and compassion as we can.

Freddy's adoption is actually a surprise for someone special. We waited to share his story so we didn't ruin it and the family who adopted him will send us an update that we will share with you all soon!

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