Happily Home!


Last week this adorable little pup was brought to the shelter after some nice people found her running through the streets in east Ventura late the night before.

Adoption Counselor Kendra immediately starting browsing online to see if she could find an owner and found a post on Craigslist from someone whose dog had got out the night before in the same area. Kendra called the number and it was a match! Not all dogs are as lucky.

Marvelle (Suki's mom) was here within the hour and they were both so happy to be reunited! Marvelle has a sweet message for Suki's rescuers that she would like us to pass on: "Our thanks to the kind people who picked her up and brought her to the Humane Society-I will be forever grateful!"

You never know when you may find yourself in a similar situation so here are some tips to make reuniting with an animal much easier:

1. Make sure your animals is ALWAYS wearing a collar and ID tag with updated information.*
2. Microchip your pet and REGISTER the microchip. Many folks have animals with microchips that are not registered to them making the microchip itself useless. (Add a couple friends and family members to make sure all your bases are covered).*
3. Craigslist and Facebook are a great way to get word out about lost or found pets. However filing a report with the shelters in your area is crucial! Whether you have lost an animal or found one just give us a call and we can file the report for you. We reunite hundreds of animals every year this way!

Our Ventura County community does an AMAZING job at taking care of lost and found animals. Keep up the good work everyone!

*Both ID tags and Micro-Chipping are available at the HSVC.

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