Greg's Pup-Corn Challenge!

Last week Director of Community Outreach Greg A. Cooper took the Pup-Corn Challenge to raise awareness and much needed funds to rebuild the Humane Society of Ventura County's 35 year old kennels. Supporters made their pledges and tuned in last Friday to see how many of these delicious treats Greg could "woof" down in under five minutes, all while discussing the benefits of a new kennel to the community. 

Each day we get closer and closer to making our dream of building a new state of the art kennel a reality. However, we need the help and financial support from our community to get this massive project underway. The 35 year old kennels we currently have are more than just a place to shelter homeless and at risk dogs. The kennels work as temporary homes where the dogs sleep, eat their meals, raise their families, recover from illnesses, make new friends, all while waiting for a permanent home.

Imagine the possibilities that the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility will create! Ventura County is filled with animal lovers who want to be a part of this monumental endeavor. In partnership with Architectural Designer John Turturro, the shelter recently unveiled its initial site design to the delight of staff, volunteers, and our supporters.

The Humane Society of Ventura County is currently in the fundraising stage of this large-scale project. While events such as the Pup Corn Challenge bring awareness to our cause it is also an invitation to our community to join us in our efforts to make a better world for homeless animals throughout Ventura county.

The current estimate for new kennels is upwards of 2 million dollars and fundraising has begun at all levels. We encourage everyone to make a donation today and be a part of animal rescue in their community!

CLICK HERE to make a donation to our new kennel project!


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