Copper is off to West Coast Equine in Somis for his surgery! Let's all wish him the best of luck!

Thank you to everyone who donated last week to Copper's surgery fund. Because of you we are able to get these animals in need the best care they deserve.

Copper should be back at the shelter in a few days and will hopefully be available for adoption soon!



Our dear friend Copper was brought to the shelter on December 09, 2014 by our Humane Officers with 5 other horses. They were all extremely emaciated and needed medical care. Copper was especially in poor condition due to being unable to retract his male extremity. After months of working with Copper to improve his condition it has been determined that he will have to have surgery.

Copper's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, June 2nd by Dr. Sullivan VDM at West Coast Equine Veterinary Hospital in Somis. Afterwards he will spend 4 days in the hospital and a complete recovery is estimated in as little as 14 days!

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