Foster Program

Sometimes animals come to us that may require special attention. They may be too young to be placed in a home, may exhibit social behaviors that need to be addressed or maybe finding it difficult to adjust to shelter life. No matter the cause, a team of special volunteers help foster these animals until the animal can be placed in a forever home.

We make sure that the unique needs of each animal are addressed. Are you interested in providing these animals the love, care and attention they so readily need until they can find their forever home. Consider offering to be a foster parent to one of these wonderful creatures!


To qualify to be a Foster Parent to one of our animals, you must:

Fill out a Volunteer Application and return it along with a photocopy of your ID.

Fill out additional “Hold Harmless Agreement” for off-site fostering.

Be interviewed by Shelter Director Jolene Hoffman.

Have a home and yard check done by one of our Humane Officers (yard must be completely fenced and secure).

Have no children in the home under the age of 14 years old.

Be willing to take the dog to obedience training.

Work on housebreaking or litter box training and basic manners.

Notify the shelter if any severe behavior issues occur.

Be willing to return the animal when asked.

Update the staff weekly on how the animal is adjusting.

Be willing to make the animal available to meet prospective adopters (make an appointment and bring the animal to the shelter).

Only “special needs” animals can be fostered. Food and medical care will be provided. Animals will be vaccinated, wormed, spayed/neutered and given a flea treatment. Animals under the age of 8 weeks will be altered at a later date.