Meet the Flintstones!


Meet the Flintstones! Wilma, Betty, Pebbles, Hanna, Pearl, Fred, and Barney were born on March 25th. Their mother, Foxy, was brought to the shelter as a stray mid March. It was clear that she was full term pregnant and not long after her arrival she gave birth to 5 healthy girls and 2 healthy boys.

The puppies are off to a good start and Foxy is a natural mother. Now that she is a new mom she is very protective of her litter and will be spending some time out of the spotlight with her family during this crucial time of her new pups lives. We look forward to sharing pictures and stories from the shelter as this family grows up and begins to explore the world around them. A very special thank you to volunteer extraordinaire Cláudia Figueiredo for the wonderful suggestion of the Flintstones theme, staff and supporters alike agree it is the perfect fit!

Foxy is one of the fortunate expecting dogs who were found and taken to a safe place before giving birth. Without the kind hearts of our community and caring shelters such as the Humane Society of Ventura county to take them in, countless animals would be born into a life of hardship with no home to call their own. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no "peak puppy season" and most female dogs will usually enter their heat cycle twice a year regardless of the season. This means that all year long rescues and shelters may receive expecting or nursing animals who need their help. Many of these animals have been abandoned by irresponsible owners during this vulnerable time. We encourage anyone interested in supporting the care for Foxy and her family to make a contribution today! No amount is too small to help pregnant mothers and their pups!

Please note the puppies are not available for adoption until they are at least 8 weeks old. Stay tuned for details!

CLICK HERE to make a one time donation to support your local shelter!

CLICK HERE to sign up and make a monthly donation of your chosen amount!

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  • Therese (Terri) Davis
    commented 2017-04-11 20:13:25 -0700
    Oh my goodness! How adorable and the naming of all these babies couldn’t be better! Kudos to Claudia! Momma pup must be beaming! Sad that she was a stray and pregnant with all these cuties but happy because she couldn’t be in a better place for their care. Thanks to all of you for all you do and how well you do it. I look forward to your stories and pics. I have donated to help with Foxy….placed it under “General Use”? I hope they are all healthy. All 9 of them….Thanks again.