6 Reasons Steve Should Be Your Next Best Friend


We first met Steve on February 22nd, when he was brought to the Humane Society of Ventura County by one of our partner rescues. While his background remains unknown this young German Shepherd mix has made the best out of his situation, he gets along well with everyone he meets, loves to try new things, and is happy to put his trust in those temporarily in charge of his care.

Steve is a very happy and playful boy who is in the process of becoming a confident and loyal dog. Senior humane officer and certified dog trainer, Tracy Vail, has taken Steve under her wing. He has been participating in her dog handling and training workshop at the Humane Society where he is the perfect student. 

Now that Steve has mastered his basic commands he is ready to be placed into a loving home. Following are 6 of the top reasons why Steve should be your next best friend!

  • ACTIVE: Steve loves the great outdoors and would be the perfect hiking and camping buddy for the adventurous type!
  • INTELLIGENT: Steve already walks well on a leash and knows his basic commands. He is looking forward to learning more.
  • WELL SOCIALIZED: Steve loves people of all types and will be a devoted addition to a new family.
  • LOVES OTHER DOGS: Gets along great with other dogs especially those his size or bigger!
  • THINKS WATER IS THE GREATEST THING ON EARTH: Steve would be the perfect beach buddy and would enjoy going to local watering holes.
  • LOYAL: Shelter dogs know they have been rescued by a special human and their loyalty goes unmatched!

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