Spay and Neuter Saves Lives!


It has been a successful January here at the Humane Society of Ventura County with many animals finding their forever homes. More adoptions mean that more people are visiting their local shelters to find a new furry friend to make their families complete. While these heartwarming adoptions are always a reason to celebrate, here at the shelter our bottom line remains the same: creating a community where animals are free from abuse and neglect, and each has a loving home for the entirety of their lives.

The decision to spay or neuter your pet can be one of the most important decisions you make for your animal's long-term welfare. Animal overpopulation is an everyday reality that impacts the lives of tens of thousands of animals each year right here in our own county. Besides its life-saving results, California state law mandates that all cats and dogs adopted from shelters and animals control agencies must be spayed or neutered. 

While many animals in shelters are brought in as strays or rescued from a life of neglect and abuse more often than not they are given up by their families. Spaying or neutering helps prevent animals from being born by accident and is effective in reducing the number of animals who find themselves in the shelter system. 

In the long term, the one-time cost of a spay or neuter surgery far outweighs the cost that can be incurred by a non-altered pet. While the cost varies depending on the size and sex of your animals, there are many low-cost options throughout the county including our very own low-cost spay and neuter clinic located at the Humane Society of Ventura County. Our ability to offer these low-cost services, as well as the cost to spay and neuter the animals in our care is reliant on the support we receive from our community. We encourage anyone interested in helping curb animal overpopulation here in Ventura County to donate today. No amount is too small to help an animal in need!

If you would like to learn more about our spay and neuter service or to make an appointment please call the Shelter at 805-646-6505.

DIRECTIONS FOR DONATING: Please make sure all boxes are filled out. On the bottom section, you will need to CLICK on the portion that says Credit Card Number and CLICK on the section that asks for the cards month, date, and CVC number on the back of your card. Thank you!

 If you would like to make a donation IN HONOR or IN MEMORY of someone special please call our Front Desk at 805-646-6505. 

• If you prefer, we are always happy to take donations in person or over the phone. Please visit anytime we are open or simply call the shelter at 805-646-6505.

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