Fireworks and Furry Friends: How To Keep Your Pet Safe This Independence Day

It’s that time of year again! This weekend our country celebrates its independence with food, fun, and of course, fireworks! While these spectacular displays in the sky may be the highlight of our holiday, they might be the exact opposite for our furry friends. Fireworks often cause fear, stress, and panic to our animal family members. To help ensure that even our four-legged friends enjoy the holiday, check out these tips from the ASPCA.

If your animal has a fear of loud noises:

  • Simply placing your pet into a safe room inside your home can make a huge difference in your pet’s demeanor this holiday. Try turning on some soft music or the tv to soothe them if they need extra comfort.
  • It is common for animals to get out during the 4th of July holiday after reacting to loud noises. An ID tag is still the simplest and fastest way to help ensure you are reunited with a lost animal. Please make sure that ALL pets, including your indoor animals, have UP-TO-DATE identification that can be easily read in time for 4th of July festivities. The HSVC is offering FREE ID tags to all pet owners in need before the holiday. Please call the shelter at 805-646-6505 to let our staff know the name of the pet and contact information you'd like on the tag before pickup.
  • Dogs with severe anxiety may struggle this 4th of July. An anxiety vest or even a snugly fitting t-shirt can be very helpful in some cases.
  • After consulting your vet, you may decide anti-anxiety medication is the best way to go for your furry friend. It is important to give a practice dose before the big event to see how your pet responds to the medication. Remember, NEVER give your pet’s medication to another animal or give more than the recommended dose. This can be harmful to your animal.
  • Cats tend to hide when they are scared. Be sure to check in on your feline friends throughout the day during holiday festivities. Keeping your kitty in a closed and quiet room is probably the best environment for them this Independence Day.

If your pet is the type to taste new things:

  • Some pets will eat anything no matter how it tastes. Be sure to keep any harmful foods and other toxic substances out of reach of your animal.
  • While setting off your own firework is illegal, we know that there will still be people creating their own displays in the sky from home. Please remember that fireworks are made of different chemicals and metals that can be dangerous for your dog or cat. It is important to thoroughly clean up all debris from your display when you are finished, as the contents can be toxic for your animals.

Using these tips, pet owners and pets alike can have a safe and fun 4th of July holiday!

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