Fire Update: 11/11


MORNING UPDATE: Thank you all for your support during the Hill and Woolsey fires. Your generosity and kind consideration ARE what allows us to offer 24/7 emergency services for those impacted by the fires.

We have received scores of calls asking about supporting our efforts. First, financial donations to our general fund are the best way to support our efforts. Several local feed stores all have set up accounts to receive donations on our behalf. The money collected at these stores allows us to buy the exact items to feed and house the animals in our care. The stores include The Wharf (805-648-5037), Wachters (805-646-4581), Ojai Feed (805-646-5442), American Hay (805-649-3300), and Ventura Hay Co. (805-640-8505). Lastly, purchasing items on our Amazon wishlist is another great way to support our immediate and long-lasting. Maintaining this list has been a priority considering how many individuals want to support us, particularly those who are not located in Ventura County. Our list of items has been depleted twice in the past three days. As requests come in from our Kennel Staff and our Equestrian Rescue Teams, we have been adding those items to our list. We ask for your patience for those of you looking to support us in this way.

Please keep an eye out for our Facebook and Instagram feeds as well as our website, for the most up-to-date information. Thank you all again for your assistance as we get through these challenging times.

To donate to our general fund please visit our website at:

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