Eight Puppies Born at the Humane Society of Ventura County


Just days before the Thomas Fire began in Upper Ojai, eight Shepherd puppies were born at the Humane Society of Ventura County. Just ten days prior, their mother Butterscotch had been brought to the shelter by a private rescue group. It was apparent from the start that Butterscotch was expecting and was set up with the necessary amenities. On November 28th, Butterscotch delivered 2 girls and 6 boys.

It has been 6 weeks and the puppies are off to a great start. Butterscotch is a natural mother and her puppies are happy and healthy and starting to show their individual personalities. Yesterday, the puppies received their first round of vaccinations and microchips and have been actively socialized by staff and volunteers preparing for the day when they are ready to be adopted into loving homes of their own. 

Butterscotch is one of the fortunate expecting dogs who were found and taken to a safe place before giving birth. Without the kind hearts of our community and caring shelters such as the Humane Society of Ventura county to take them in, countless animals would be born into a life of hardship with no home to call their own. All year long rescues and shelters receive expecting or nursing animals who need their help. Most of these animals have been abandoned by irresponsible owners during one of the most vulnerable stages of their life. With your kind contributions the Humane Society of Ventura County is able to care for animals when they need us the most.

*Please note puppies are not available for adoption or applications until they have been weaned from their mother and spayed or neutered. Stay tuned for status updates in the coming weeks!

The Humane Society of Ventura County is a compassionate care shelter and non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and adoption of homeless animals throughout Ventura County. 

Have a purrfect weekend and thanks for your support!

Humane Society of Ventura County

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