Humane Education Youth Programs


The Humane Society of Ventura County is dedicated to promoting the health, safety, welfare, compassionate care, and protection of all animals through education and community outreach programs.

If you are an educator interested in booking a presentation with us, please click the orange button below to submit a Presentation Request. Please contact Humane Educator, Angie Sagliani, via email at [email protected] with additional questions.


Schools Program

We have designed our school programs to fulfill our mission of caring for animals by reaching the academic goals and social and emotional learning (SEL) goals of Ventura County schools.  

Elementary (K-5) Presentation Themes Include: 

  • Animal care and responsibility 
  • Wildlife and coexist education 
  • Kindness for all creatures 
  • Anti-bullying                                                                         
  • Animal safety  
  • Animal neglect, abuse, and cruelty 
  • The role of shelters in our communities 

Middle and High School Program Opportunities (6-12): 

  • Service-learning opportunities   

 All programs are tailored to various ages, learning objectives, and class sizes. Presentations are between 45-60 minutes depending on grade level. and include follow-up lesson plans and visual aids upon request. Our Humane Education (HE) curriculum ties into Common Core State Standards and SEL Frameworks.

Available Presentations 

  • Online presentations via Zoom 
  • In-person (upon availability): Please consider asking colleagues at your school to participate on the same day. Three to four classes at one school are preferred.  

1. Companion Animal Care & Responsibility (45-60 minutes):

(All Grade Levels) Companion animals come in all shapes and sizes. We will discuss the responsibilities of companion animal ownership through interactive discussions. Students will also learn how to be a compassionate paw-rent and imagine the possibilities of animal stewardship for future generations. 

2. Be Cool, Not Cruel: An Anti-Bullying Presentation (60 minutes):

(K–8th) This presentation focuses on empathy, kindness, and compassion towards all living things. Students will engage in age-appropriate interactive activities, where they learn the importance of anti-bullying in our communities.  

The link between violence to people and violence to animals is well documented. Violence to animals is a predictor that the abuser may become violent to people and vice versa. 

3. Living with Wildlife: How to Co-Exist with Wildlife (60+minutes)  

(2nd–6th) From birds in our feeders to coyotes, squirrels, and opossums in our yards, wildlife is all around us. In this slide show presentation, students will learn about how to live safely and responsibly alongside wildlife. Most importantly, they will learn how their actions might help protect wild animals in their own neighborhood.  

4. Humane Society of Ventura County (35-45 minutes) 

(2nd-12th) Students will learn about the Humane Society of Ventura County (HSVC) and the important jobs involved in caring for animals in our local community. Students will also learn about the role of animal shelters and how HSVC serves the community.  

5. Animal Disaster Preparedness (45-50 minutes) 

(All ages) Do you have a disaster plan for your family that includes your animals? Students will learn about the importance to be prepared for disasters and how to include animals in preparedness plans.  

6. Middle School and High School Programs  

What is HSVC Service-Learning Project? 

  • Multiple-day programming (dependent on the project) 
  • Intended for middle school or high school after school groups or clubs 
  • These meet-ups will be in a presentation format and will require a virtual or in-person tour of the shelter in Ojai.   
  • The students must choose what they want to learn more about, it could be they are really interested in dogs, cats, horses, or wildlife in their neighborhoods, but ultimately, they will guide the learning.  
  • From the learning, students must choose a project that meets the needs of our local animal communities.  

K-3rd Pilot Programs:

1. Compassionate Animal Neighborhoods (CAN):

This pilot program is a 1-week commitment for a classroom of animal explorers. The program explores a holistic approach to educating students about humane topics connecting humans, non-human animals, and the environment.   

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