Easter Tips For You & Your Family


Easter Sunday is this week and many people are looking forward to spending some quality time with family. Some families have little ones that are excited to go hunting for Easter eggs and maybe even receive some gifts! However, some presents that people give to their young loved ones are living animals such as bunnies, ducks, and chicks. These cute animals may sound like great gift ideas to many people, but are they really?

Bunnies, chicks, and ducks are huge lifetime commitments that can NOT be treated as toys. These living creatures should not be looked at as a practice pet of some kind-they require the same daily attention and care as a cat or dog. They are pets that come with a lot of responsibility. These pets can be challenging; rabbits exhibit destructive behavior if not provided with the proper care and chickens and ducks can live up to 10 years!
Instead of bringing home a new pet consider visiting your local animal shelter-this is a great opportunity to teach young children how to humanely treat animals and the responsibilities of one day becoming a pet parent. If that is not a option, then a simple a stuffed animal or chocolate version of these animals can always be a great choice!
If you already have pets don't forget to keep all chocolate and candy away from them! Animals may also be attracted to holiday decorations that could wreak havoc on their intestinal system. If your pet does get into any of these items contact your
veterinarian immediately!

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