Dog Rescued In The Field Finds His Forever Home!


We have good news! Matteo, a Belgian Malinois who was rescued in the field mid-December, was adopted last Thursday!

Humane Officer Vail had rescued Matteo from poor living conditions with three other dogs. She was committed to finding him the perfect home but it was clear that of the four dogs who came in that day Matteo would need the most work. Officer Vail worked with him daily and even came in on her days off to keep up with his training. Recently an outside trainer was brought in to make Matteo's transition into a new family easier when the day came for him to go to a home of his own.

Matteo's new owner participated in multiple training session's here at the shelter before taking him home and will continue working with the trainer on his own. We are so happy to see this level of commitment and responsibility taken by new owners with dogs like Matteo and of course are always impressed with the compassion shown by our Officers!

Good job everyone!

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