Dog Food Bank: Keeping Families and Pets Together Since 1982


Jon is a welcome face at the Humane Society of Ventura County when he stops by to pick up food from the shelter's Pet Food Bank. “Living on the road with my two Boxers, Misty & Bay, the Humane Society of Ventura County has always provided us with quality dog food at no cost,” said Jon, who has relied on the HSVC’s Pet Food Bank to care for his dogs during difficult times. “People on fixed incomes or little or no income who have dogs, know the increasing costs involved in providing their pets with quality food that fits their pups' needs. The Humane Society of Ventura County provides that food and they are happy to do it. They are a remarkable organization,” continued Jon.

The Humane Society of Ventura County has been offering free pet food to those in need since the Shelter opened at its location in Ojai in 1982. The Shelter has been looking for ways to expand the program throughout the community and recently partnered with Help of Ojai’s Community Assistance Program – C.A.P. with the installation of a Dog Food Bank dispenser. C.A.P., which provides basic needs and case management services for the low income and homeless residents of the Ojai Valley, received their first Dog Food Bank dispenser this past Friday. “We are so excited to collaborate with the Humane Society of Ventura County on this project which will certainly help fill a gap that exists in our community,” said Whitney, a Case Manager for C.A.P. “So many of our clients ask for pet food when they visit our office and having the dog food bank at the same location as our food pantry means one less obstacle in receiving the help they need,” said Whitney.

The Pet Food Bank is offered to pet guardians who have financial difficulties caring for their animals. Utilizing pet food donated to the Shelter, buckets of food are given out to those in need. Up until recently, this service was only offered at the shelter, but there is a much greater population in Ventura County who could benefit from the Dog Food Bank dispensers. “I would like to thank Help of Ojai’s C.A.P. for hosting our first dispenser. Together we can provide for every member of a family including their pets,” said Greg Cooper, Director of Community Outreach for the HSVC.

This program is supported by financial and in-kind donations to the Humane Society of Ventura County. Doug, at Ojai Ice Cream, has been a long-time supporter. Ojai Ice Cream donates their leftover plastic buckets, which are used to portion the donated food.  This Spring, the HSVC is looking to add more locations to the Pet Food Bank. “If you are an organization or business that provides services to low-income and homeless in Ventura County, please reach out to us for a possible partnership,” said Cooper. “As this program expands, we will need your help in supplying us with the dry dog food for the dispensers throughout the County.”

Contact Greg Cooper for questions or ideas to support the program. [email protected] 805-646-6505 x 112.

Special thanks to Perry Van Houten of the Ojai Valley News for writing a story about the pilot project.

The HSVC Amazon Wishlist has been updated to include examples of requested food. You can drop off donations at our location at 402 Bryant St in Ojai. Please, no opened bags. Thank you for your support!


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