Their Future is in Our Hands


In the past few months we have asked for our communities support to help cover the medical bills and care for several dogs here at the shelter that have been in need of extensive veterinary care. The support from our community has surpassed our expectations and as a result we have been able to provide top quality care to the animals who rely on us for their wellbeing. Yet there is still more work to be done. 

For many of our supporters, Dodger is a familiar face. Dodger, was first brought to the Humane society of Ventura County back in April after being found abandoned in Casitas Springs on the side of the road. While Dodger's past may always be a mystery, we are determined to give him the best chance for a successful future as possible. At this time Dodger is in a foster home recovering from a splenectomy, liver biopsy, and the surgical removal of two small masses, that was performed just this past Tuesday. Again, the wonderful staff at VetSurg in Ventura performed his successful surgery and a full recovery is anticipated.

Dodger’s bill is currently 4,328.65. We encourage anyone who would like to support the shelter by helping cover the cost of Dodger's medical care to make a donation to his fund. Please note that any funds raised that go beyond the cost of Dodger's care will roll over into a medical fund to provide medical care for future animals. Thank you for your consideration and support!

*** If you have any problems donating please feel free to call the shelter at 805-646-6505 to make a donation directly with our front desk staff or you may also mail a check to PO BOX 297, Ojai, California 93024. Thank you all for your understanding and support while we update our site!***


Who's donating

Carley Stephens
Sheila Cox
Patricia Packer
Jose Rosendo
Janice Bernard
Jan Hunter
Gregory Honore
Wendy Franklin
Marjorie White
Suzanne Hackett
fred cordia
Chris Sanborn
Jim Logan
Francyne Williams
$276.01 raised
GOAL: $4,328.65
Contributions are tax deductible.

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