Congratulations Samantha!


Congratulations to sweet Samantha who was able to return home with her original owner yesterday! Samantha was surrendered to the shelter last February when her owner was moving into a retirement living facility.

In a wonderful turn of events, the woman's granddaughter decided to move in with her grandmother so she could help care for her and they could stay in the house together. First order of business was to come to the shelter so they could bring her home. Samantha, who has kidney disease, had to be in a special roll away enclosure in our cat room to ensure she stayed on a diet specifically for cats with her condition. As you can imagine, she will be so happy to be reunited with her family!

Thank you to everyone who helped sweet Samantha stay in good spirits during her time at the shelter. It wasn't easy for her, and your support, love, and donations to her medical care made all the difference!

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