Chubby & Pork Chop Together Forever!


We have good news! Chubby and Pork Chop have found a new family...together! It was only a couple weeks ago these two goofballs were surrendered to our Humane Officers in the field. 

It was a very difficult moment for the previous owner and our Officers vowed to find them both an incredible and loving home. Upon arriving at the Humane Society, the staff and Veterinarians have been working hard to provide the best care possible for these dogs.

The brothers both had to have entropion eye surgeries performed due to a painful condition where their eyelids "roll" inwards, scratching and often causing scarring and loss of vision on their corneas. The eye surgeries were a success and our veterinarians neutered the dogs while they were under. They have enjoyed baths, play time in our play yards, a warm bed, and lots of love from the staff. Even stealing a few kisses along the way.

As with most case animals we prefer to keep their new families anonymous, however, picture if you can, 4 smiling faces, and two big, wiggly, fur tanks leaving the building this afternoon!

All of this was made possible by the generous support of our community!

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