Chespi - Home at Last!


We have wonderful news! Our dear friend Chespi has gone to his forever home! Chespi was rescued in the field by one of our Humane Officers all the way back in January. He was extremely underweight and very frightened when he first arrived. Officer Hoffman, his rescuer, took him under her wing and would take him home at night so he could get used to being in a loving family environment, something he may not have ever experienced.

Chespi warmed up quickly to the children and other animals in the home. During the day when he was back at the shelter we witnessed Chespi blossom into a loving and happy pup!

A few weeks ago a wonderful lady came to the shelter and fell in love with this sweet guy. She took the time to visit with him often and Officer Hoffman even took Chespi over to her home to do a yard check and see how he would do. Both the yard and Chespi passed with flying colors!

Last week Chespi had his big day and staff were thrilled to see him off to his new home. His new mom carried him out to the sound of applause as we all watched Chespi leap from her arms into the car, ready to start his new life.

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