Chai, LaVerne, and Ryder are Three Peas in a Pod!

Chai, LaVerne, and Ryder (left to right) are three peas in a pod after all being adopted from the HSVC by Linda and her family over the years.

Linda, a long time volunteer at the shelter, and her daughters brought each dog home one by one over the span of eight years. They each have their own unique personalities. LaVerne (middle) has even become the spokesdog for Linda’s business that provides back braces for dogs. The trio of pups go hiking every day in the mountains with their owners and spend lots of time at the beach when it’s hot.

“They’ve been loved by us for the past eight years. And they love us in return,” said Linda. Thank you to Linda and her family for rescuing not one, not two, but three dogs from our shelter and giving them a loving home!

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