Celebrate World Spay Day by Supporting Your Local Shelter!


Today is the 24th Annual World Spay Day! Established in 1995 and observed in over 70 countries, the last Tuesday in February has been recognized as a day for animal shelters and rescue organizations to bring awareness to their spay and neuter programs.

Here at the Humane Society of Ventura County we believe spaying and neutering pets is vital to a communities ability to address its local animal welfare issues. Here at the HSVC we encourage our community to practice responsible pet ownership by spaying and neutering each and everyone of their animals. Every day homeless animals are brought to shelters in the hopes of finding them a loving new home. Spaying and neutering is easily one of the most effective ways to keep unwanted litters from ending up in the shelter system. 

In 2012 the Humane Society of Ventura County opened a newly renovated Spay and Neuter clinic that performs low cost operations to the public. At this low cost clinic the average amount to spay or neuter a dog is $60, and $40 for a cat. Appointments are necessary and can be made by calling (805) 646-6505 or (805) 656-5031.

It is our dream to be able to one day offer free or reduced spay and neuter options to anyone who may be experiencing financial hardship. In the meantime please consider making a donation to our spay and neuter program and help us spread the word about our affordable clinic!

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