Welcome, Cecelia and Shyann!

In December of 2021, Humane Officers brought in two miniature horses, Shyann and Cecelia, from separate cases. Each horse had severely overgrown hooves and needed immediate care. After being examined by Veterinarian Dr. April Armstrong, we learned that both Shyann and Cecelia would need ongoing care and, unfortunately, long-term care. Over the past month and a half, our staff has gotten to know the spunky minis personalities and they have become beloved by all at the Shelter.


Above: Shyann the day after she arrived at the Shelter. 

Shyann, a beautiful 25-year-old blue-eyed palomino miniature horse, came to us on 12/11/21. She was part of a joint agency inspection with VCAS and Code Compliance of agricultural property in Camarillo in November of 2021. The same property that cases horses Hero, Archer, Juniper, Olive, Dakota, and Zoey came from in 2018. Shyann’s owner was given a short time to provide the care that she needed. It became apparent that her owner did not have the means to provide Shyann with adequate care. Ultimately, the owner decided Shyann’s best chance at success was to be surrendered to the Shelter.

Above: Shyann's hooves the day she arrived at the Shelter. 

Less than a week later, 13-year-old Cecilia (above) was brought to the Shelter after being picked up by HSVC staff from her owner. Her owner was also given time to provide the badly needed care for her severely overgrown hooves. After making it clear Cecilia would not be provided adequate care, Cecilia’s owner decided to surrender the white miniature horse to the shelter.

Below: Cecelia's hooves the day she was brought into the Shelter. 

Shyann and Cecilia are both under veterinary care and have had an initial hoof trim. Dr. April Armstrong and Farrier Stacy Hyatt are working together to develop an extensive care plan for the two minis. Shyann was put on a diet by veterinarian Dr. April Armstrong due to a suspicion of her having Cushing’s and will need to be on medication for the rest of her life for this. Cecelia is much younger than Shyann but has very similar issues with her front hooves. With no additional underlying health issues, our staff is hopeful they will be able to get Cecelia to a comfortable place to happily live out the remainder of her life.


We want to thank Dr. April Armstrong (above left) and Farrier Stacy Hyatt for continuously helping our Shelter care for the countless case animals that come through our doors. Our Shelter is lucky to have these two wonderful professionals who work together to achieve the best care possible for animals in need. We also want to thank our Humane Officers (above right) for their hard work and compassion during each case. Without them, Cecelia and Shyann would not have been able to get the attention and care they so desperately needed.

As a private nonprofit, the HSVC does not receive any funding from the government or any other national welfare organization. We rely entirely on the generosity of our community to help us provide the necessary care for animals like Cecelia and Shyann. If you would like to join our cause, please consider visiting our website donating to our Shelter so we many continue making a difference in the lives of animals in need.

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