Evacuee Cats Transported to Safety


This past Saturday Senior Humane Officer Tracy Vail and Humane Officer Kendra Winwood offered their assistance to Santa Barbara Animal Services to help transport 48 evacuee cats to the Santa Maria Animal Care Center. Due to the Thomas Fire the shelters in Santa Barbara were filling up quickly with animals being evacuated from the encroaching flames. The animals would need to remain within Santa Barbara County and so the transfer to Santa Maria was arranged.

Humane Officers along with Kennel Attendant Christie Tracy left the shelter in Ojai around noon on Saturday with one van and a truck and trailer to help assist our neighbors to the north. The entire operation lasted most of the day and the Officers did not make it back to Ojai until nearly 10 PM. After successfully rescuing animals affected by the Thomas Fire here in Ventura County, Officers were already prepared and ready to assist anyone who needed their help.

The Humane Society of Ventura County is the only agency in Ventura County that employs Humane Officers. Humane Officers are provided with extensive training in animal husbandry and investigating animal cruelty and neglect cases. Humane Officers are not government employees, however they work closely with local authorities throughout the county to ensure our community is safer for the animals at no charge to the community they serve. All of this is made possible by continued financial support through donations, memorials and sponsorships. If you would like to support their work during the recent fires please consider making a donation at www.hsvc.org/thomasfire.



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