Bruce and Kira Find Their Furever Home

Bruce and Kira's journey began in August of 2021 under very common circumstances. Our Humane Officers responded to a report to check the wellbeing of two dogs at an address in Ventura County.

During an investigation, Humane Officers will provide resources and offer assistance rehoming animals if needed. In this case, the Officers worked with the owner and provided financial aid with an Angel Voucher to help with veterinary care for their animals. A couple of months after their initial visit, the animal owner contacted our Officers again and decided it was in Bruce and Kira's best interest to be surrendered to the Shelter to find a new home.


Above left: Kira, Above right: Bruce

Many factors can affect an individual's ability to care for their animal. Our Humane Officers enter every situation with an open mind, understanding there are always two sides to every story. We strive to first offer assistance and resources to try and help owners keep their pets in their homes and out of shelters. Oftentimes, a case that may sound egregious turns out to be an animal welfare education opportunity.

In late December 2021, Bruce and Kira caught the attention of the Justiniani family via our social media. They were looking for an older bonded pair to adopt in hopes they could offer a home to two long-term Shelter residents. After multiple visits with Bruce and Kira, the Justiniani family decided to officially make the duo part of their family. We are happy to announce that Bruce and Kira have found their perfect home with their furever family!

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