A New Life For Bertie

Mary Beth first saw Bertie, formerly Buddy, in October of 2019 on the HSVC website after searching for a Dachshund mix. While Bertie, a 7-year-old Dachshund/Cocker Spaniel, wasn’t exactly what Mary Beth and her husband Cort were looking for, he turned out to be the perfect dog for their household.

According to Mary Beth, Bertie had a little adjusting to do when he was brought home after being adopted. “He had an issue with men, and he was afraid of loud noises and quick movements,” said Mary Beth. She continued, “All of those behaviors are now gone and Bertie is a wonderful addition to our family. He has helped us through the Coronavirus lockdown. He relaxes and feels more at home as every week goes by.”

Cort and Mary Beth enjoy spending time together with Bertie. They love to take him on walks around the neighborhood, which is also one of Bertie’s favorite activities. “When he sees us put on shoes and hats and grab the leash, he does this “happy dance” that I saw him do in his kennel the day we adopted him,” Mary Beth said. She continued, “When we are out on walks, if we start to talk to someone, he waits patiently. It’s almost as if he is listening to our conversation. He obeys our commands and is happy to meet other dogs around the neighborhood.”

Mary Beth, Cort, and Bertie are proving to be a perfect match. We wish them many happy years together full of walks and snuggles!

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