Beautiful Betsy


Betsy is a 7-year-old female, black Italian Greyhound and Chihuahua mix. She has been at the HSVC since Jun 05, 2015. Before Betsy was brought to the HSVC she had been found out in a field behind an old abandoned building by her soon-to-be rescuers. She was injured, most likely from being hit by a car and starving. Her rescuers are unsure of how long she was out there. Since her injury was so extensive, she had to have her hind leg amputated.

Betsy is very sweet but can be a little shy at first. However, give her some time and she will warm up quite quickly to you! Betsy is very mellow and would love a nice couch to cuddle up on! She enjoys the company of other dogs. She may only have 3 legs, but this little tri-paw can still walk perfectly well!

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