Bagel Finally Gets His Happily Ever After!

After spending several months in foster care, Bagel has found his forever home with Dale and Diane! Two-year-old Bagel was adopted from the Humane Society of Ventura County in 2018 as a kitten. He was returned to the shelter in early July of this year after his owner could no longer care for him.

While being housed in the HSVC’s cat room, our staff noticed Bagel favoring his right rear leg. He was sent to the Ojai Village Veterinary Hospital for an x-ray and was diagnosed with a fractured hip. Our vet, Dr. Sisk, along with the orthopedic specialists at VetSurg in Ventura, determined Bagel would need surgery to repair his fractured hip. With the help of our HSVC community, we raised enough money for Bagel’s surgery and he was able to make a full recovery!


Bagel spent his time recovering in a loving foster home. His foster mom, Jess, is a cat-loving good samaritan who has lots of experience rehabilitating injured animals. She housed Bagel for several months and would take him to the Moorpark Veterinary Hospital for checkups. It was there that Diane, an employee of the Moorpark Veterinary Hospital, fell in love with Bagel.

Diane and her husband Dale recently stopped by the shelter to finalize their adoption of sweet Bagel. Jess (far left), Bagel’s foster mom, and Dr. Sisk (far right) were also onsite to congratulate the couple on welcoming Bagel into their family.


Bagel would not have found his forever home without the help of our dedicated staff, his loving foster mom, Jess, and the staff at VetSurg. Thank you to Dr. Campbell for performing Bagel’s surgery and to the staff at Moorpark Veterinary Hospital for keeping him healthy. We also want to thank everyone who donated to Bagel’s recovery fund. Without your support, he would not have been able to receive the care he needed. Congratulations, Bagel, on finally getting your happily ever after!


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