A Look Back at ASAP Working Cats' Training Session for HSVC


HSVC welcomed Mary and Belinda from ASAP Cats to the shelter this past week for a presentation about their Working Cats Program. HSVC is eager to start our own working cat program soon, and our staff was thrilled to learn from experts in the field! A working cat, also known as a barn cat, is a cat that is employed to hunt and control pests in places like barns, farms, warehouses, and other properties. They are often cats unsuitable for traditional adoption programs but can thrive in an outdoor environment where they can work alongside humans. With Mary and Belinda's guidance, our staff learned how to acclimate working cats in their new homes and what to look for when matching a working cat with the right property. 


ASAP Cats showed our staff the items required for a proper acclimation cage. This setup is used to help working cats adjust to their new surroundings when they first arrive on the property. These special cages can expand if there is more than one cat or if one cat needs more space. Mary and Belinda recommend that the cat live in an acclimation cage for 2-3 weeks to help ensure they feel comfortable and do not relocate elsewhere when they're released. Despite being primarily outdoor felines, working cats still need to be fed and given fresh water daily. Owners will also need to create a safe space for the cats to reside at night, like a shed or barn, to keep them safe from predators. 

Thank you, ASAP Cats, for coming to HSVC and sharing your knowledge on working cats with us! If you are interested in bringing home a working cat, we recommend reaching out to our friends at ASAP Cats

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