Animal Adventure Camps are a Great Success!

This summer's Animal Adventure Camps were a great success! Humane Educator, Robin Satnick, joined the Humane Society of Ventura County staff earlier this year and put together an exciting activity based curriculum for young animal lovers.

This summer there were 3 week long sessions of our Animal Adventure camps that gave campers the opportunity to have fun learning about the humane treatment of animals and how to care for them. Activities included: lessons and activities on caring for animals, learning what dogs and cats are telling us through their body language, animal-related presentations, crafts, games, and much more.

Thank you to this summer's young philanthropists who not only spent part of the summer learning about caring for animals in a shelter environment but for helping to socialize the animals in our care making their stay with us a positive experience. 

Thank you as well to volunteers Brayden Malleck and Thomas Christopher for donating their time and experience by assisting Robin in the weekly camps.

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