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Here at the Humane Society of Ventura County, we have animals of all types waiting for their forever families. When considering adopting an exotic pet, it is important to research the care and needs of the animals you are choosing.

SPACE: All pets have space requirements and it is good to know beforehand what can fit into your home.  From fish tanks to hamster cages do your research and make sure you are providing your pet with adequate space. Animals housed in cages that are too small will have poor health and may display destructive behavior. 

HEAT: For our reptile and fish friends you should research heating elements and thermometers to track temperature in the enclosure. Some pets are cold blooded and need controlled temperatures to stay healthy and happy. There are many different ways to heat an enclosure, so make sure you research the pros and cons of each and see what will work best for your pet. Be sure to frequently test your thermometers to make sure they are working. Improperly heated enclosures can cause serious health risks for your pet.

DIET: Understanding your animal’s diet is very important. Some animals need to be fed multiple times a day, while others can go days or even weeks before it’s time to be fed.  It is important to know what food is good for your animal and what is not. Always consult your veterinarian regarding your pet’s diet.

VETERINARY CARE: For the more uncommon pets, you may need to call different places to see if they have a vet on staff that can treat your animal when the need arises. Feel free to ask around for recommendations and don’t forget to ask questions!

ENRICHMENT: Enrichment is there to give our pets something fun to do or new to explore. All types of pets benefit from enrichment. Some snakes will climb branches when given the option, while fish may like to explore new plants, and birds enjoy new perches and toys. When introducing new elements to any pet, always check to make sure they are made of a material safe for the animal. Make sure new plants added to fish aquariums are safe if they are munched and any branches are free from any abrasive materials that could cause cuts or scratches. Cleaning your pet’s enclosure is a good opportunity to check for any broken toys or damaged enclosure elements.

The more research you do the better care you can give your pets. Exotic animals are often re-homed as owners may realize that they can’t meet the animal’s needs and give them up. Make sure to check your local shelter and rescue to see if you can give our exotic friends a loving new home!

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