Ahoy Mateys! A special message from Violet for all you Sea Dogs out there:

DON'T TAKE A PUP AWAY FROM THEIR CANINE FAMILY BEFORE 8 WEEKS OF AGE: Canine moms provide their puppies with tons of antibodies to keep them healthy! Being around litter mates teach them a lot about how to get along with other dogs and decreases the chance of behavior issues when they get older.

VACCINATE: Your pup needs vaccinations to protect them from serious, and sometimes fatal, diseases. Most pups get a series of shots that starts sometime between six and eight weeks, and ends at about the twentieth week.

KEEP THEM OUT OF PUBLIC PLACES: We know it's tempting to show off your adorable new pup, but this can be very dangerous! Young pups can’t walk around in public places, because they’re still vulnerable to catching dog diseases. Ask your vet when your pup will be ready to go out and about, but it will probably be sometime around four to six months.

And don't forget to SPAY or Neuter your new fur baby when it comes of age!

(Please note that Ms. Violet is not yet available for adoption or visits at the shelter for another 4 weeks. We do not take holds or applications on puppies until they are ready to go home to a family of their own).

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  • Barbara Elliot
    commented 2015-04-15 15:31:08 -0700
    I just read a few days ago how the momma dog and litter mates teach the puppy to have a “soft mouth” so they don’t bite hard when they are grown and can do damage. I had no idea!