Academy Bound - NEW Humane Officer in Training


Yesterday morning was Adoption Counselor Kendra's first day of a 2 week life-changing adventure at the San Diego Humane Society Academy. Kendra has been at the Humane Society of Ventura County for over a year. When she returns in 2 weeks Kendra will join the staff as our newest Humane Officer.

Getting into the Academy is no easy feat; Humane Officers go through many of the same trainings and all of the background inspections that any Officer who upholds the law is obligated to do. Kendra will become the third Humane Officer in Ventura County to investigate cases of animal neglect and cruelty. She will be checking in with us on a regular basis with photos and a behind the scenes look at what it takes to become a Humane Officer. We look forward to sharing her adventures with you!

Best of luck Kendra from all your friends at the HSVC!

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