A New Life For Kelli


Kelli, a Border Collie puppy, was surrendered to our Shelter in early April when she was eight months old. Most Border Collies do not do well in Shelters and it was immediately apparent that she had some serious behavior issues. She was put into foster care with one of our Humane Society staff for observation and assessment.

Border Collies are highly intelligent, sheep-herding dogs with endless energy, so if they are left in a yard (like Kelli was) with nothing to do and unchallenged, they will make up games on their own and it’s almost never good. Kelli decided it was fun to chase things – bikes, skateboarders, trash trucks – anything on wheels – her substitutes for sheep! If left unchecked, these activities can turn dangerous for dogs and people. She was also very fearful of men and would cower if anyone reached toward her. Luckily, her owner decided to surrender her to us before she got any older but even at this young age, she has a long road ahead of her to change these behaviors.

Since she had no previous training, her foster mom started taking her all the way from Ojai to Camarillo for obedience training with Seaside Scramblers and is also working with a behaviorist. Kelli enjoys going to class and loves the trainers. She is still a bit nervous and insecure but she’s thriving with all the new things she is learning. When she hears “Do you want to practice?” she is so excited and sits nicely to have her leash put on. Her true personality has come out and she is a very sweet puppy.

Good news for Kelli!! She has adjusted very well into her new life and her foster home turned into a foster fail. She was adopted and has become a permanent member of the family!!

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