This adorable girl came to us as a lost dog back in early March. She was almost full term pregnant and so sweet we named her Jujubee! On March 10th she gave birth to six beautiful puppies all with candy names like their mom; Sugar B, Heath, Sour Patch, Snickers, Violet & Skittles. They grew up fast and before we knew it they all had found their forever homes and only Jujubee was left. 

But not for long! A young family came in last week and fell in love with her. The family had adopted from us ten years ago and thought Jujubee would be the perfect companion to their senior dog.  After the proper introductions Jujubee went home with them! She looked so happy when she was leaving...wagging her tail and she jumped right into their car! Good luck Jujubee we will miss you!


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