A New Beginning for Elmer


Last Wednesday was a wonderful day for senior sweetheart Elmer! Elmer arrived as a stray in the beginning of August in poor condition. Though we had no formal background on this adorable little fellow, it was clear he had lots of love to give.

Our volunteers and staff took him under their wing and during his stay with us he enjoyed socializing with other seniors and trips to the beach. With a whole lot of love Elmer kept his spirits up during his time at the shelter with the promise of someday finding a new home of his own.

It takes a special person to adopt a senior dog. Randi was just what Elmer needed to make him complete. We were all so happy to see this little guy go off to start his new life!

Elmer was a recipient of Tinker's Treat, a program organized by volunteer John Darling to help senior dogs in need.

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