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Five bucks can make all the difference for an animal in need. Before you start your weekend, won't you please consider making a small donation in honor of senior animals? It's easy, just click here!

Beautiful Lady was brought to the Humane Society of Ventura County after being pulled from a overcrowded shelter in a nearby county so that she could be placed into a loving home. At nine years old, Lady is just one of an innumerable amount of senior animals who will find themselves in the shelter system through no fault of their own. In fact the top reasons that senior animals end up in shelters are human causes, such as lifestyle changes, financial difficulties, relocation, and the death of their owner.

Petfinder recently conducted a study that showed older dogs often wait four times as long as their younger counterparts to be adopted. By overlooking senior animals potential adopters may very well be missing an opportunity to find the perfect fit for their family and lifestyle. When you adopt a senior animal you know exactly what you are going to get. Senior animals likely already know their basic commands if not a variety of skills and tricks. They are more often then not housebroken and have mastered many social behaviors. Seniors make great pets for someone who may be looking for companionship but does not have the energy to keep up with a younger friend.

If you are a senior yourself and thinking about adopting then we have the program for you! Though you can't put a price tag on love our senior to senior adoptions are discounted to $60. We hope that you will consider adopting a senior animal and truly make a difference in the lives of homeless senior animals. If you can not adopt then please consider making a small donation to help care for senior animals like Lady until their forever families come along!

CLICK HERE to make a one time donation in honor of Adopt-a-Senior Pet month!

CLICK HERE to sign up and make a monthly donation of your chosen amount!

Lady is a nine year old Shepherd mix with impeccable manners, who walks great on a leash, and will be a loyal and grateful friend for her perfect new family!

The Humane Society of Ventura County is a compassionate care shelter and non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and adoption of homeless animals throughout Ventura County. By donating to the HSVC, you'll be part of a community of people who are making a positive impact on the lives of animals in need in Ventura County. 

Have a purrfect weekend and thanks for your support!

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