A Home for Maximus!


Thank you to the Clark family for adopting not one, but two rescue dogs! You may recognize handsome Obi (left) who was adopted from the HSVC back in the beginning of April. Obi is one happy pup, but this high energy Labrador Retriever and Doberman Pinscher mix needed a buddy.

The Clark family was on the look out, and Maximus, a Siberian Husky mix with shocking blue eyes, the same age as Obi, caught their eye. Maximus had been waiting for a family of his own for nearly a month. Shelter life was tough on this young, spry dog. With similar temperaments, Obi and Maximus hit it off right away! We are so excited that these two sprightly young dogs get to share their lives together. Thank you to Ethan, Cassy, Shane, and Kayleigh, for welcoming these two into your family!

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