A Home For Cici and Bolita!


Congratulations to Cici and Bolita who were recently adopted by Ryland, Leilani, and family! Cici and Bolita are a bonded pair who had been at the shelter for nearly 6 months.

Cici and Bolita were rescued in the field by our Humane Officers and were quite shy when they first arrived. However, with a little love and patience, they blossomed into the fun-loving dogs you see today!

Volunteers and staff made sure they were included in many activities at the shelter and throughout the community. Cici and Bolita were regulars at adoption events, beach visits, and enjoyed participating in pack walks through downtown Ojai.

Ryland and Leilani had previously adopted their other dog, Tonto, from the HSVC and were looking to find him a buddy. The three dogs already knew each well from their time together at the shelter and spent the entire time playing during their meet and greet last week. As you can see it was the perfect match and they adopted Cici and Bolita over the weekend!

Thank you to our Humane Officers who worked so hard to ensure that these two were brought to the shelter for safety, and to all our staff and volunteers that cared for them, helped build their confidence, worked on their skills, or just offered up a lap to lay on while they waited for their forever home. Cici and Bolita are definitely a success story for the books!








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